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BUNDZERTALE by dziadek1990
A crossover between the "UNDERTALE" (2015) indie RPG and the Polish webcomic "BUNDZ" (2005).

Based on this image:…

Abridged webcomic's plot:
Pablo Żeromski, a metalhead, randomly decides to go out into the world and do EVIL.
He's a jerk to everyone except a cute little male goat (named BUNDZ) which he adopted.
BUNDZ is also (coincidentally) an equivalent of a spawn from hell, and he keeps murdering and eating people (which makes his master love him even more).


1. "Undertale" game's official website:

2. "BUNDZ" webcomc (Polish, except for goat's backstory):
- Author's deviantART account:
- First strip on the old website with a handy access to the webcomic's archive:…
- Current website (difficult archive access):

- BUNDZ fanart I like (a more realistic style):

...okay, figuratively. ^^'

You see, guys, I have been INCREDIBLY lazy and dismotivated majority of my life, fighting -- and often losing -- a fight with myself. Trying through trail and error how to make myself do things I enjoy -- and which I was not doing because they required dedication and patience.

I even was making RPG-like Experience Points lists, leveling myself up by doing chores, to try to make myself do stuff.

But ever since May of this year I finally found a method which perfectly fits my psyche, like hoof and a horseshoe. :)

Ever since then I was reading thousands of pages of textbooks and science articles (math, programming, psychology...), spending hours dawn-to-dusk (okay, actually 11 am to 3 a.m-ish), grinding (+ exercise; gotta stay healthy, yo!), in hope that I will eventually get a job of my dreams which I finally spotted.

(And even if I won't -- I AM ENJOYING MYSELF IMMENSELY.)

So basically for the past months I was devouring textbooks, instead of swimming or partying like normal people... but normal is SO boring, so whatevs.

Anyways, returning to the MLP updates: I am brainstorming how to implement things which I have learned into the analyses.

I won't be playing a psychologist on the characters, since so many other people did it already. My speculations will be still math-based (but like mentioned, probably no more pure stats. Will probably sprinkle that shit with some graph theory, set theory and Bayesian stuff and shit.)

I am lazy no more, but I put such a workload on myself that I merely have time for some light fan-fic reading, light gaming and an occasional walk around the town -- the whole day is spent studying otherwise. Studying-to-relaxing ratio is about 2-to-1.

Once I figure out WHAT to do for MLP math, and HOW to fit it into the day, I will immediately go for it.

Probably it will serve me as practicing-what-I-read-from-textbooks, instead of pure fun. I don't wanna waste time an analyses, if I can both waste time on them AND learn something from them (but then it wouldn't be time wasting anymore, would it?)

Time has become a more valuable resource for me recently.

Anyways, I won't be saying WHEN I will make the next update, because I don't know myself.

Thanks for all the comments, and I hope you will like my next deviation, whenever it might appear. ;)


TL;DR: Got my butt tattoo. Studying meth, psychosis and computars like a mothafucka. Will probably use that knowledge in the next analysis, but don't know when exactly.
  • Listening to: p0NieZ and s0me oth4r 5tuffs
  • Reading: "Thinking and Deciding" by Jonathan Baron.
  • Watching: Occasional PMV?
  • Playing: Final Fantasy 8
  • Eating: Student's diet: bread, spread, rice, cereal...
  • Drinking: Fruity teas.

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On this day so nice and jolly
When six ponies wished me luck,
I entered a passing trolley
Promising soon I'll be back.

First with math stuff, then with writing
I have been filling my day.
Laziness no longer fighting
Ponies have shown me the way!

Though please do note: I am grinding.
Level-upping mathy skills.
Cause without those I'd be finding
All my math works lacking thrills.

All stuff half-assed and so boring.
Readers would flop down and snore.
So textbooks still I'm exploring
To make math amusing more.
TwilightIsMagic Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Student General Artist
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